Recently, I was asked by Kurt Geiger to shoot for their massive chino campaign. I was allowed to pick out pieces that I personally liked, from their collection.

When it comes to picking out your chinos, always look for chinos that look good, have a great fit and are versatile with other clothing. And these Kurt Geiger chinos definitely fit all the above categories.

Always look for colours that will pop and bring out the colour of your chino. I’m specifically referring to your shirts, tee shirts and golfers.

What I love most about these chinos is that they can be worn formally or semi-formally. They are also really comfortable with great detailing.

Laylashaikphotography and I decided to do this shoot in Parkhurst and here’s what we came up with…

Sunglasses: Factorie

Shirts: Kurt Geiger

Watch: Hugo Boss Orange

Belts: Kurt Geiger

Chinos: Kurt Geiger

Shoes: Kurt Geiger





This look was all about comfort and warmth.  I tried to keep it as casual as possible with a detailed hoodie from Wrung, jeans from Markham and boots from Topman.

I really like the floral print on the hoodie which adds a little more detail to it, a key characteristic found in Wrung clothing.

This shoot was all about taking it back to nature and finding serenity. And Autumn is the perfect opportunity to do this. The leaves are golden brown and it paints the perfect picture for a background. Myself and Laylashaikphotography decided to do this shoot at Emerantia Dam which is breathtakingly beautiful.

This is my last post for Wrung so don’t forget to check out their dope clothing on their website:





If you know me by now, you’ll know that I like to be different from everyone else. I like to create my own unique style. This is why I went for something completely different in this look post.

Usually most people will go for the conventional white and blue or blue and blue. However, I decided that I’d go for burgundy and blue and the results speak for themselves. Don’t get me wrong white and blue and blue and blue work well, but who says you have to do what everyone else does?

I felt really sophisticated in this suit, it’s got a different feel to it. I also fancied my Ted Baker brogues which gave the look an extra touch of sophistication. What I love most about the jacket, is that it can be worn with the trouser as a full on suit or in a slightly less formal style with a pair of jeans or chinos.

This shoot was done in a street in Parkhurst by the lovely Laylashaikphotography.

Suit: Kurt Geiger

Belt: Gucci

Sunglasses: Zara

Brogues: Ted Baker





I must say when I was first approached by Matiase from 9Couture to collaborate with them and do a post on their latest brand Wrung, I was first unfamiliar with the brand. However, when I did some research I found out that Wrung has actually been around for quite some time.

Wrung- French clothing brand was established in 1995 in Paris. The brand focuses on combining art with fashion. Gaining inspiration from graffiti, contemporary art and emerging cultures the brand has produced some amazing pieces. You could say Wrung is best known for their street wear.

9Couture has finally brought this brand to South Africa and it is slowly becoming more and more popular. I got to personally pick out my favorite pieces from their collection and I am definitely impressed. Their clothing is dope and is super trendy and comfy. I can personally vouch for their quality. Look many may will argue that their clothing is expensive and not very popular right now, but I guarantee you wont be disappointed. Wrung is imported so it works with the Euro-Rand exchange which is why it appears so expensive, but remember you’re paying for quality.

This shoot was done by Laylashaikphotography who shares the same vision as me so check her out on insta- @Laylashaikphotography The shoot took place in a street in Rosebank which has some cool graffiti art.

Beanie: Factorie

Heather blue sweater: Wrung

Joggers: Wrung

Sneakers: Nike Air Max






I have to admit this year has been really good for me and the blog. I’m finally seeing some progress and blogging is starting to get more exciting. I was really thrilled when Kurt Geiger contacted me to collaborate with them. I mean who wouldn’t be? It’s such an honour to work with such a profound brand such as Kurt Geiger.

Kurt Geiger is famous for it’s sophisticated style and excellent quality. I really enjoyed picking out some of their amazing pieces, especially the burgundy coat featured below. It’s such a unique design and immediately caught my attention when I first saw it. I also love the brown shoes (also featured below) which are very versatile and can be worn with a suit, jeans or a chino.

It was real pleasure working with Laylashaikphotography and I look forward to continue working with her in the near future. We did the shoot at Circa Gallery in Rosebank. They have some amazing exhibitions so go check it out.

Featured items:

Burgundy coat: Kurt Geiger

Checkered shirt: YDE

Skinny chino: Topman

Socks: Kurt Geiger

Shoes: Kurt Geiger


Baldwin Skin Moisturiser Review





Towards the end of last year, the lovely people from Baldwin for Men contacted me to do a review on one of their products. This was one of the first times I was asked to do a review of a company’s product.

Baldwin for Men is an overseas company and specialise in men’s skincare products. The product that I was sent was a moisturising lotion which is used mostly for your face.

It contains many essential minerals and vitamins, particularly Argan and Jojoba oil. These essential oils and vitamins nourish the skin and help protect it against the harsh environment.

I’ve been using the product for nearly a month now and after the first week I already started to see results.

The product smells great and leaves the skin feeling smooth and non-greasy. What I love most about this product is that it is very concentrated in it’s minerals so you end up using very little. This is great because the product isn’t cheap. It retails online for roughly 25$ (+-390 Rand) and can be purchased from

Overall the product is packaged well and has great results. It may be expensive but, like I always say… you’re investing in your skin!

Baldwin for men direct link


Disclaimer: This product contains dead sea minerals so if you are Muslim use at own discretion.



I know it’s been ages since I last posted, but this year has been crazy for me. This is nearly the end of my campus career and I have to turn all my attention to my studies.

Nevertheless, my friend Zeenat from Pursuing Pictorialism contacted me not too long ago to let me know that she would be travelling in Johannesburg. I was really happy because my previous two shoots were successful.

It’s actually a funny story the day we were supposed to shoot, it was a complete rush because I was  travelling back from Welkom. My shoot was scheduled to be at 4pm and I left Welkom at 1:30. I only reached Johannesburg at 3:30pm so the shoot got pushed to 4:30pm.

After all the stress I still managed to do a successful shoot. The reason I chose ‘in spaces between’ as my title was because she flew from Cape Town and I drove from Welkom, so Johannesburg was the ‘space’ that we met/shot haha.

For this look I tried to be as minimalistic as possible. I went for pastel colours that worked perfect with the background. A simple white shirt with a classic chino and a pair moccasins.

Sunglasses: RayBan

Shirt: Zara men

Skinny chino: Topman

Moccasins: Europa Art Shoes (Basic Sax)


Keeping It Fly With Cocaine White


It’s amazing how much my style has changed this year. I have slowly adapted my style and started focusing more on street style.

This is my second look post for this year, it was shot by the talented Pursuing Pictorialsm at the famous Craft restaurant in Parkhurst.

Visit Craft for some amazing coffee and even better milkshakes.

Extra Long Tee: Forever21

White Ripped Jeans: Markham

Sneakers: Nike AirForce1

Dog Tag: YDE

If you’d like to contact Zeenat from Pursuing Pictorialsm follow her on IG: @PURSUINGPICTORIALSM


Out On The Streets 


2016- The best is yet to come. Keep updated for more look posts and anticipate better photography;)

SnapBack: New Era LA

Checkered shirt: Markham

Extra long Tee: Mr Price

Skinny Jeans: Zara

Sneakers: Nike Air Max

The shoot took place in 4th Avenue Parkhurst. Photo creds: Zeenat (PursuingPictorialism)



Contact: Zeenat Banderker (PursuingPictorialsm) for all your photography needs.

Are Salon Shampoos Really Worth All That Money?


I have to admit this post was meant to be up two weeks ago, but unfortunately, life or more specifically campus got in the way and therefore, I forgot about it.

Maintaining your hair can be a costly process especially when you’re unsure on whether or not investing in salon shampoo will really be worth it. By now you’ll know I like trying out new products to see if results are proven or not.

Not too long ago I had a Brazilian treatment done on my hair. My hairdresser Jenna from Franco Int. in Sandton City recommended I try the Pureology Hydrate (zero-sulphate ) shampoo. The reason I chose this particular shampoo was because it was colour and chemical treatment safe.

The shampoo is relatively expensive and goes for around R320. Spending exorbitant fees on shampoos can be questionable which is why I was initially skeptical, but my hairdresser assured me that it would be worth it.

I’m amazed at how the shampoo has kept my hair soft and easily manageable. The effect has lasted 4 weeks and now it feels like my hair is too used to it.

I’ve noticed that this shampoo (only 250ml) has lasted me for more than a month now. This is much longer than the shampoos I’ve been buying from clicks etc. The main reason for this is, salon shampoos are very concentrated and contain less aqua. As a result, you use less than your regular shampoo.

Prior to my Brazilian treatment, I was using the L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo. In the first week, my hair was really soft and free flowing. It felt like I had life in my hair once again.

This shampoo smells amazing as it’s infused with flower extracts. It was doing wonders for the first few weeks. However, after some time my hair returned to its previous state and felt like it needed another change.

I was surprised at how long this shampoo lasted because it was a 400ml bottle and only lasted for 3 weeks. Whereas the Pureogy which is 250ml has been lasting me for over a month.

The main question is whether or not you should invest in a salon shampoo or not? I strongly feel that you should invest in one salon shampoo and a normal shampoo. It’s a good idea to alternate your shampoo as often as possible so your hair doesn’t get used to it. I’ve read a few posts from other bloggers who have also recommended these tips.