Hair That Will Turn Heads



Okay, so recently I got my hands on some sick grooming products courtesy of The London Grooming Company. I tested them out over the holidays and the results were pretty legit (not sponsored, ha!), so I decided to do a little review on my favourite products from their range so that you guys can get to know a little more about their products!
The pomade was definitely my favourite product from the range and is now an essential part of my morning prep routine. One of the reasons I love it so much is because the consistency of the product is in between a wax and a clay, so it creates a silky finish. It’s also quite easy to apply and play around with.


This product is relatively expensive but trust me guys it’s really worth it. If you want to get your hair looking fresh, I suggest you get yourself one. The pomade comes in a 100ml and can be bought online here for R319.00


Okay, so let’s talk about the clay as well. I gave it try for a week and discovered that it’s also easy to apply and work. It also has this amazing woody smell. My only concern about using the clay is that it gives you a matte finish instead of a shiny glossy finish, which can be achieved by using the pomade. This is why I prefer the pomade, but hey that’s my personal preference so if I were you I would try both and see which works better with your hair.

Always keep in mind that everyone has different hair types, so different products work better for different hair. The London Grooming Company has products to keep everyone’s hair looking fresh regardless of your hair type or personal preference.
Lastly, I’m going to talk about their aftershave and beard oil. This product is excellent and has been keeping my beard looking proper everyday. The product is very concentrated and requires very little application. It contains argan oil, which softens the strands and prevents that annoying itch. Not to mention your girl will love the woody smell that comes with it!

Keep updated on my blog for more grooming tips and also expect a styling tutorial soon!




Baldwin Skin Moisturiser Review





Towards the end of last year, the lovely people from Baldwin for Men contacted me to do a review on one of their products. This was one of the first times I was asked to do a review of a company’s product.

Baldwin for Men is an overseas company and specialise in men’s skincare products. The product that I was sent was a moisturising lotion which is used mostly for your face.

It contains many essential minerals and vitamins, particularly Argan and Jojoba oil. These essential oils and vitamins nourish the skin and help protect it against the harsh environment.

I’ve been using the product for nearly a month now and after the first week I already started to see results.

The product smells great and leaves the skin feeling smooth and non-greasy. What I love most about this product is that it is very concentrated in it’s minerals so you end up using very little. This is great because the product isn’t cheap. It retails online for roughly 25$ (+-390 Rand) and can be purchased from

Overall the product is packaged well and has great results. It may be expensive but, like I always say… you’re investing in your skin!

Baldwin for men direct link


Disclaimer: This product contains dead sea minerals so if you are Muslim use at own discretion.

Are Salon Shampoos Really Worth All That Money?


I have to admit this post was meant to be up two weeks ago, but unfortunately, life or more specifically campus got in the way and therefore, I forgot about it.

Maintaining your hair can be a costly process especially when you’re unsure on whether or not investing in salon shampoo will really be worth it. By now you’ll know I like trying out new products to see if results are proven or not.

Not too long ago I had a Brazilian treatment done on my hair. My hairdresser Jenna from Franco Int. in Sandton City recommended I try the Pureology Hydrate (zero-sulphate ) shampoo. The reason I chose this particular shampoo was because it was colour and chemical treatment safe.

The shampoo is relatively expensive and goes for around R320. Spending exorbitant fees on shampoos can be questionable which is why I was initially skeptical, but my hairdresser assured me that it would be worth it.

I’m amazed at how the shampoo has kept my hair soft and easily manageable. The effect has lasted 4 weeks and now it feels like my hair is too used to it.

I’ve noticed that this shampoo (only 250ml) has lasted me for more than a month now. This is much longer than the shampoos I’ve been buying from clicks etc. The main reason for this is, salon shampoos are very concentrated and contain less aqua. As a result, you use less than your regular shampoo.

Prior to my Brazilian treatment, I was using the L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo. In the first week, my hair was really soft and free flowing. It felt like I had life in my hair once again.

This shampoo smells amazing as it’s infused with flower extracts. It was doing wonders for the first few weeks. However, after some time my hair returned to its previous state and felt like it needed another change.

I was surprised at how long this shampoo lasted because it was a 400ml bottle and only lasted for 3 weeks. Whereas the Pureogy which is 250ml has been lasting me for over a month.

The main question is whether or not you should invest in a salon shampoo or not? I strongly feel that you should invest in one salon shampoo and a normal shampoo. It’s a good idea to alternate your shampoo as often as possible so your hair doesn’t get used to it. I’ve read a few posts from other bloggers who have also recommended these tips.


The Launch Event of The Stuttafords Clarins Counter

Bloggers Event, Grooming

One of the perks of being a blogger is getting invited to events. Stuttafords is well known for stocking all the big name brands and this time they hosted an event to launch their very own counter dedicated to Clarins.

Clarins is known for its great skincare products which come all the way from Paris. This counter is 1 of 3 in the world! One of the concepts I like most about this counter is the ‘Try before you buy’ concept. This is perfect for those who are always skeptical when buying their products.

I’ve been using their moisturiser and after shave soothing cream from their men’s range for a week now and I must say it’s worked well.

Once again 4ELEMENTSMEDIA outdid themselves, the event was a success. The food was good and the company even better. If you haven’t been to the counter as yet, head over to Stuttafords Sandton City and check it out.


The Launch Event of Stuttafords 1st Men’s Fragrance Bar

Bloggers Event, Grooming

It feels good to be back, I’m aware that I have been neglecting the blog for quite some time and I apologize to all my loyal followers. If you follow me on other social networks you’ll know I recently attended a launch event at Stuttafords courtesy of an invite from 4ELEMENTSMEDIA.

The event was organized to launch a fragrance bar which is exclusively for men. The fragrance bar is stocked with all your popular brands such as Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Gucci and the list goes on. I was really excited to be invited to this event because I am a fragrance addict. I love the whole concept because metrosexuals such as myself are free to explore comfortably without feeling awkward.

The event was held at the Stuttafords in Sandton City and was a huge success (trended #1 on twitter). This being a red carpet event, I was privileged to meet some VIP guests such as Jennifer Su, Liesl Laurie and Chad Saaiman. The atmosphere was lively and everyone was free to socialize. I wore a skinny suit from Topman along with a pair of Ted Baker brogues.

If you are a fellow fragrance lover please visit this counter and you’ll find yourself in fragrance heaven.



Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Health Craze- ‘Oil Pulling’




If you know me by now you’ll know I enjoy researching and trying out new things. The latest craze to hit the Internet is ‘oil pulling’. Sounds weird right? This latest craze comes with a whole lot of health benefits, well at least that’s according to all the blog posts I’ve come across. Intrigued as yet? Let’s take a better look at this remedy…

According to research from the internet, “oil pulling or oil swishing is a folk remedy where oil is “swished” or “held” in the mouth.”

It originated in Bangalore, South India in the early 1990’s and has slowly made a recent comeback with celebrities like Scott Disick and Kylie Jenner pictured using it.
Studies show that the “oil provides a surface layer that prevents plaque or bacteria adhering to teeth.”



So how do you go about doing it? It’s simple really, you take a tablespoon of oil (it can be either sesame or coconut oil) into your mouth and swish, gargle or pull the oil around and through your teeth and gums. Do this without swallowing it. This is done for 15-20 minutes and should be done gently to prevent the jaw from paining.

After swishing you should spit the substance in a toilet or drain and not in a basin to prevent the pipes from clogging.

So what are the alleged benefits of oil pulling?

  • Whitens teeth
  • Strengthens your gums/teeth/& jaw. It helps with sensitive teeth.
  • Prevents cavities & gingivitis.
  • Helps get rid of acne/ eczema/ psoriasis/ & other skin care issues.
  • General body detox.
  • Helps keep your breath fresh.

I’ve been doing oil pulling for a week now and have seen some results. The results may not be immediate but after continuous use you will see significant results. You can either buy the exclusive imported coconut oil from which goes for about 19GBP or you can buy a normal jar of coconut oil that is used in the kitchen.


Joining The Beardgang 


Nowadays men grow beards for many different reasons; to follow the practice of our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), to appear more masculine or to make themselves more attractive. Either way there’s more to it than just growing it, you have to take care of it and groom it to look proper.

According to research there are certain steps that will ensure a full and healthy beard:

  • Exfoliate your skin at least once a week.
  • Keep your skin clean by washing it with a daily facial wash.
  • Avoid shaping or trimming your beard until the beard is fully grown.

Fortunately The Gentleman’s Beard Club have a new range of products that will have your beard looking proper in no time. I have been using two of their products for a few weeks now and I am happy to announce that both these products do wonders.

I particularly like the beard balm (R129) which keeps my beard looking neat and stops the stray hairs from sticking out. It provides a shine and also softens the strands. I’ve also been using their signature beard oil (R129) which prevents that itchy sensation and keeps the follicles well nourished. They also offer a beard wash and shaving soap which I am yet to try. All their products contain essential oils which aid in the maintenance of a beard. What I like the most about these products is that woody scent that keeps my beard smelling fresh after using it.

All in all I would highly recommend you to go and join The Gentleman’s Beard Club by trying their products and be a part of the beard revolution.

All products can be purchased online. Visit for more info.

You can also follow them on Instagram: @thegentlemansbeardclub


For those individuals that think shaving is the best option 😉

Dermalogica Face Mapping


Not too long ago I visited the Dermalogica store in The Rosebank Mall for a free face mapping session.

Basically skin mapping is an analysis of your skin in which a dermatologist studies all the different parts of your face and gives you a detailed report on the various skin conditions you are experiencing. Thereafter they recommend different products to help combat these conditions.

To start off they provide you with free samples, so that you can give their products a try.

Their products are not cheap and you may be reluctant to purchase any at first. However, I always say that your skin is an investment. The sooner you start looking after it the better the outcome later in life.


A Fragrance Guide For Beginners


It is said that a person is automatically perceived as attractive by the way they smell. If you’re looking to impress women, you need to smell good.

When it comes to applying a fragrance, there’s more to it than just spraying it on your neck and in most cases your clothes. In order to ensure a long lasting impression there are many different techniques that can be applied. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Choose your spot

Choosing the right spots help give a longer and lasting scent. Take your biceps and chest for example, both areas are not entirely exposed but the fragrance will be trapped against the skin and will allow it to be detectable.

2. Positioning

Instead of holding the bottle close to your skin, hold the bottle at a slight distance away from the skin. This ensures that the fragrance is evenly spread and is not in one concentrated spot.

3. Layering

Layering has become more and more common nowadays. However, there are certain methods to ensure that they are properly executed. Layering is a form of combing the products from the fragrances body range to achieve even better results. A personal favourite of mine is the Jean Paul Gautier range which comes with the shower gel, deodorant and eau de toilette.



Keeping your fragrances in a cool environment, will ensure the fragrances potency.

Looking after your fragrances will allow you to get the most out of them. So take note of the above mentioned tips and you’ll gain maximum benefit.

Hot Summer Grooming Tips


We have been experiencing quintessential hot summer days recently. These hot conditions have brought about all kinds of problems. So how do you fight these problems? Well by adding a few simple steps to your daily routine you’ll be set to go. Some of these tips may be obvious but having knowledge on using good products may be useful.

1. SPF

Protection against sunburn is absolutely essential. Getting sunburn is no joke, so don’t be that guy who acts all brave and decides not to use any. Go buy yourself a good product with a high SPF. Here are a few of my recommendations:


2. Antiperspirant for Sweat and Odour

This should be a given, antiperspirant shouldn’t only be used in summer but should be part of your everyday routine. Sweat patches and body odour give bad impressions and deodorants aren’t good enough. What you need is a good antiperspirant that is effective and long lasting. Here are some good products:


3. Keeping fresh

The ‘wet wipe’ has many uses and is now an essential product to keep your skin looking clean and refreshed. It is very useful as a facial cleanser because using your hands (contains bacteria) can cause unnecessary breakouts. A great and inexpensive product is the:


All these products can be purchased from any Clicks or Dischem store. For more info please leave a comment.