Home Spun Grooming Kit Review


A few weeks back, the kind people from Home Spun sent me their Men’s Connoisseur Grooming Kit for testing.

The kit comes with a beard balm, beard oil, exfoliating soap and lip balm. Now I must say I’ve tried a few grooming products, but these stand out for me because firstly they are all organic, they smell amazing and they work so well with my beard.

The oil softens each strand without leaving it too oily and dense. It also leaves a slight shine which keeps the beard looking fresh. The balm which is to be used after keeps the strands in place and maintains the shape of the beard. It also softens the beard further.

I love the exfoliating bar of soap because if you’ve been an avid reader of my blog you’ll know that I think exfoliating a few times a week is absolutely essential. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling great. What more do you need?

I want to thank home spun for sending me these products and I highly rate them so if you’re into grooming your beard trust me it is absolutely worth it!


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