Are Salon Shampoos Really Worth All That Money?


I have to admit this post was meant to be up two weeks ago, but unfortunately, life or more specifically campus got in the way and therefore, I forgot about it.

Maintaining your hair can be a costly process especially when you’re unsure on whether or not investing in salon shampoo will really be worth it. By now you’ll know I like trying out new products to see if results are proven or not.

Not too long ago I had a Brazilian treatment done on my hair. My hairdresser Jenna from Franco Int. in Sandton City recommended I try the Pureology Hydrate (zero-sulphate ) shampoo. The reason I chose this particular shampoo was because it was colour and chemical treatment safe.

The shampoo is relatively expensive and goes for around R320. Spending exorbitant fees on shampoos can be questionable which is why I was initially skeptical, but my hairdresser assured me that it would be worth it.

I’m amazed at how the shampoo has kept my hair soft and easily manageable. The effect has lasted 4 weeks and now it feels like my hair is too used to it.

I’ve noticed that this shampoo (only 250ml) has lasted me for more than a month now. This is much longer than the shampoos I’ve been buying from clicks etc. The main reason for this is, salon shampoos are very concentrated and contain less aqua. As a result, you use less than your regular shampoo.

Prior to my Brazilian treatment, I was using the L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil shampoo. In the first week, my hair was really soft and free flowing. It felt like I had life in my hair once again.

This shampoo smells amazing as it’s infused with flower extracts. It was doing wonders for the first few weeks. However, after some time my hair returned to its previous state and felt like it needed another change.

I was surprised at how long this shampoo lasted because it was a 400ml bottle and only lasted for 3 weeks. Whereas the Pureogy which is 250ml has been lasting me for over a month.

The main question is whether or not you should invest in a salon shampoo or not? I strongly feel that you should invest in one salon shampoo and a normal shampoo. It’s a good idea to alternate your shampoo as often as possible so your hair doesn’t get used to it. I’ve read a few posts from other bloggers who have also recommended these tips.



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