The Launch Event of Stuttafords 1st Men’s Fragrance Bar

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It feels good to be back, I’m aware that I have been neglecting the blog for quite some time and I apologize to all my loyal followers. If you follow me on other social networks you’ll know I recently attended a launch event at Stuttafords courtesy of an invite from 4ELEMENTSMEDIA.

The event was organized to launch a fragrance bar which is exclusively for men. The fragrance bar is stocked with all your popular brands such as Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Gucci and the list goes on. I was really excited to be invited to this event because I am a fragrance addict. I love the whole concept because metrosexuals such as myself are free to explore comfortably without feeling awkward.

The event was held at the Stuttafords in Sandton City and was a huge success (trended #1 on twitter). This being a red carpet event, I was privileged to meet some VIP guests such as Jennifer Su, Liesl Laurie and Chad Saaiman. The atmosphere was lively and everyone was free to socialize. I wore a skinny suit from Topman along with a pair of Ted Baker brogues.

If you are a fellow fragrance lover please visit this counter and you’ll find yourself in fragrance heaven.




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