Hot Summer Grooming Tips


We have been experiencing quintessential hot summer days recently. These hot conditions have brought about all kinds of problems. So how do you fight these problems? Well by adding a few simple steps to your daily routine you’ll be set to go. Some of these tips may be obvious but having knowledge on using good products may be useful.

1. SPF

Protection against sunburn is absolutely essential. Getting sunburn is no joke, so don’t be that guy who acts all brave and decides not to use any. Go buy yourself a good product with a high SPF. Here are a few of my recommendations:


2. Antiperspirant for Sweat and Odour

This should be a given, antiperspirant shouldn’t only be used in summer but should be part of your everyday routine. Sweat patches and body odour give bad impressions and deodorants aren’t good enough. What you need is a good antiperspirant that is effective and long lasting. Here are some good products:


3. Keeping fresh

The ‘wet wipe’ has many uses and is now an essential product to keep your skin looking clean and refreshed. It is very useful as a facial cleanser because using your hands (contains bacteria) can cause unnecessary breakouts. A great and inexpensive product is the:


All these products can be purchased from any Clicks or Dischem store. For more info please leave a comment.


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