Hair Removal 101


Nowadays we keep asking the same question- which is better, waxing or shaving? Over the years waxing has become more and more popular not only among females but also males.  Waxing is better than shaving because it removes the hair from the root. When it comes to shaving however, you’re merely cutting the hair. Waxing is a great hair removal procedure because it is more permanent and can last up to a month.

Many will argue that shaving helps create that rugged look which has become increasingly popular nowadays. This is true but it is not necessary to shave your whole face. Rather wax the areas that contain unwanted hair. For example your upper cheek and neckline. This will leave your beard neat and well maintained.

There is the pain factor which leaves you uncertain whether to do it or not. It should be noted that the discomfort/pain is only felt at the time of service and stops immediately after. If you’re worried about pain, take one or two anti-inflammatory pills an hour before your appointment and you’ll be fine.

I have been to many therapists but, I recommend visiting the Sorbet salon. They offer a variety of treatments and have excellent service. Sorbet has a section dedicated for men. It is a one stop for all your grooming needs. Sorbet stores are nationwide so you wont have a problem finding one. For more info visit


Post Wax


2 thoughts on “Hair Removal 101

    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for your feedback, I think threading is a good alternative to waxing. It may not be as effective as waxing in terms of slowing the hair growth but it is certainly better than shaving. I’ve done threading many times and it is not as painful as waxing so I think it’s worth trying.



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